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Commentary on the Koran: Prologue

The Plan of Creation in Scripture and the Koran

Before the beginning of the creation the One True God Eloah was alone. The name itself admits of no plurality. It is a Hebrew word of the Bible and the Chaldean equivalent is Elahh. The Chaldean evolved into the Eastern Aramaic and the Hebrew became the Western Aramaic. Eastern Aramaic became the Arabic and the Koran was basically its first major literary expression. Elahh became Allah’. These names of God are explained in the texts The Names of God (No. 116) and The Names of God in Islam (No. 054).

 Spiritual Creation

The first act of creation of God was to create the elohim as sons of God. Elohim is a plural word that encompasses the heavenly host as Sons of the One True God. The Chaldean form in the Scriptures is Elahhin. This order of beings came to be labelled according to their primary function after the creation of mankind, which was as messengers. In the Biblical Hebrew they were malak as malakim or messengers. Various forms of this were applied all over the world (e.g. Malaikat in Indo-Malay Islam). The Greek for messenger in this usage was aggelos and this developed into the form "Angels" in various linguistic derivations. However, in Scripture the name of God as creator was used as an honorific that came to be the term Yahovah which is a third person form (cf. Oxford Annotated RSV fn. to Ex. 3:14) of the verb meaning "He causes to be" which is derived from the term in Scripture ‘eyeh ‘asher ‘eyeh   or "I will be what I will become" (see also How God Became a Family (No.187); and The Government of God (No. 174)).

 This term was used referring to Malak as Yahovah (SHD 3068) meaning that the person referring to them was acknowledging their authority as messenger for the One True God in His position of Ha Elohim or The God of the elohim as "father" as creator.  When He is in the form of the creator as "He Causes To Be" He is referred to as Yahovih (SHD 3069) or also as Yahovah of Hosts.

 The Jews make distinction in the names by referring to Yahovih (3069) as Elohim and to the subordinate elohim termed Yahovah (3068) (or sons of God) as Adonai (see Strong’s fns to the terms). 

 Creation of the Universe

The Scriptures and the Koran are both unanimous that there were two creations both conducted under the command of the One True God. First the Universe was created.

 The Scriptures that concerned the original creation and the involvement of the sons of God are explained in Job 38:4-7 where the One True God assembled all the sons of God and their Morning Star Commanders together at the creation, and the sons shouted for joy and the Morning Stars sang together.

 Physical Creation

Scripture tells us that, for some reason, the earth became tohu and bohu or without form and void and the One True God dispatched the elohim under the Christ to reconstruct the earth for this age. Many terms reading Aeon or Age are rendered as "world" or "Kosmos" to imply that Christ created the universe which is incorrect and the Koran corrected this error inserted by the Trinitarians and the Binitarians/Ditheists and even some Monotheists.

 The Sons of God had to be given responsibility and had to live by faith in the decisions of the One True God as their Father. The only way they could achieve that goal is if they had a weaker being for which to be responsible. God thus chose to create mankind and they were given the responsibility of the supervision of the physical creation. Satan objected to this responsibility and the ultimate aim of elevating mankind to the level of sons of God as Elohim.

 The Heavenly Host are subject to the faith and are instructed by the things that are revealed through mankind. It is as a family under God as father that the whole creation is structured and the Demons have done their level best to hide that plan in both Scripture and the Koran.

 Satan subverted the initial plan as outlined to the Host and, as he was of the opinion that humans were unworthy, he set about proving that as a fact. Hence he induced Eve to subvert Adam and introduced sin and rebellion into the world.

 God understood that and had planned from before the earth’s foundation a system or plan of salvation. That involved a perfect being who would become a human and in so doing he would redeem both the Fallen or Rebellious Host and the Human Host from their sins.

 Azazel or Iblis as he is referred to among the Arabs became the accuser of the humans and hence lost his el status and became Satan, meaning the accuser. He remained as Morning Star of this planet and was given a limited duration of rulership. The plan of God was symbolized by the week and as such the Sabbath became the critical identifier of the faith and symbolized the rule of the Messiah for one thousand years as the Sabbath Rest of the Christ where the Covenant and the Sabbath were inseparable (Rev. 20 and S. 4:154).

 Satan had deceived Adam through Eve and after they had come under judgment, when Adam had lived thirty years from his creation in 4004 BCE, they were removed from the Garden of Eden (see the paper Doctrine of Original Sin Part 1: The Garden of Eden (No. 246)). They were given 6000 years or six days to act as they saw fit and they chose to act contrary to the laws and the nature of God (see the paper Doctrine of Original Sin Part 2: The Generations of Adam (No. 248)).  

 This age should end with the 120th Jubilee of the Sacred Calendar (see the paper Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272). That time will be cut short by the return of the Messiah or no flesh would be saved alive according to the Bible texts.

 The question is often asked why did not God simply destroy Satan and avoid all this damage.  The fact is that an Omniscient God was aware of all the problems arising from Satan and the Fallen Host’s opposition and the damage that it would cause but He created a way of teaching and bringing good out of the Creation and all the damage that it would cause. It is His will that no flesh should perish and that includes also the Sons of God that are the angelic host. The Scriptures are quite clear that God will bring the demons to the sides of the pit and after their release in the final rebellion at the end of the Millennial rule of Christ at the end of the thousand years, Satan will be released for the short remainder of his rule. Then after the war against the elect at Jerusalem they will have their spirits removed and reduced to humans and killed. The demons teach now that spirit cannot die; however, God is Omnipotent and He certainly can reduce demons to flesh and kill them. Otherwise Christ could not have died. Then the demons will be resurrected as Humans for the Second Resurrection and their judgment and retraining. We will judge them then (1Cor. 6:3). They are also judged by our conduct in mitigation of their sin. In that way also the conduct of Islam in the Middle East and Africa has been disgraceful (cf. also Judgment of the Demons (No. 080)).

 There is no benefit in the destruction of Satan and the rebel host and then having us go through this same nightmare again in a few thousand years or aeons, perhaps somewhere else in the universe, because we have learned nothing.  Also the killing of Satan is a gross imputation on the Omniscience of God the Father of the Host in creating the Fallen Host in the first place. Scripture says that Satan was perfect from the time he was created until iniquity was found in him. He was an anointed covering cherub (cf. Isaiah Chapter 14 and Ezekiel Chapter 28).

 The gifts and the call of God are irrevocable and thus Satan was appointed but had to have a limit imposed on him by God. The limit logically also limits his power.

 Thus God had to allow a set time that would bring all lessons to a head and then stop the creation from destroying itself.  This God did and used the sequence as a training vehicle for all of the Host and He also forced the loyal angelic host to engage in their responsibilities to humans, which they obediently did acting as messengers to mankind. The demons reported all human activity as evidence of their unworthiness. Satan removed the nexus of the law of God so that it rained on the just and the unjust so that mankind saw no immediate effect for their sin. Thus the demons or jinn encouraged that sin and breach of the law creating long term damage. That was part of the learning process also.

 Over that time God issued warning to the world through the prophets and those texts were compiled in Scripture or what we now know as the Bible or the book. God’s word is inspired and cannot be lost or ignored with impunity.

 God in the Indo Germanic languages means the centre of ultimate goodness and hence there is no real contradiction in the terms. He is the One True God who alone is immortal (1Tim 6:16) and He will confer that status on us when we have all qualified for either the First Resurrection or at the end period of the Second Resurrection. These Resurrections are referred to as the Gardens of Paradise in the Koran.

 The Plan of Salvation

The Omniscience of God meant that God knew and planned for the entire disruption of the plan in the creation.

 Satan had corrupted the entire creation except for the generations of Noah in the patriarchs.  Satan had created the Rephaim or Nephilim to disrupt the purity of the genetics of the Adamic creation.  For the abject corruption God decided to destroy the planet and deny the resurrection to these products of Satan as He was not morally or ethically obliged to give life to these creatures that were not part of his creation (see the papers The Nephilim (No. 154); and the Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143)).

 God used Noah and the people and animals with him in the ark to repopulate the earth. He placed Shem as priest of Melchisedek at Salem (see Melchisedek (No. 128). However, the Host destroyed the stability of the planet and mankind at Babel and God had to intervene again and disperse mankind. He intervened with their languages and genetic structure to disperse and confuse them. They became rebellious and idolatrous and as a result God called Abraham out of Ur of Chaldea and made him the father of many nations.  The Koran and the Scriptures are agreed that the priesthood descended through Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and Jacob to Moses and Aaron and then through Levi and the prophets down to John the Baptist and then the Messiah.

 The Scriptures were compiled through the prophets. All of the law and the prophets pointed to the Messiah who fulfilled the law and sacrificed himself for sin and made the Holy Spirit or the Ahmed available to mankind through the apostles and the church. All of this was made available through the Sign of the prophet Jonah and no other sign is given the church other than the Sign of Jonah (see the paper The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013)). 

 Messiah appointed the Seventy and ordained them and placed them under the Twelve. When the Holy Spirit had been sent to them at Pentecost when they had remained there as Messiah instructed them, they then went out all over the known world.  Their locations were all recorded by Hippolytus, Auxiliary bishop to Irenaeus of Lyon who had sat at the feet of the apostle John and knew those who had served with the Messiah and was trained by Polycarp.  Hippolytus had been trained in the same system. He was later bishop of Ostia Attica the port city of Rome. He was trained in the area of what is now Turkey under the jurisdiction of the church at Smyrna, in what is understood in the Churches of God, as the Smyrna era.  He lists each of the Seventy and where they all went.  Many were sent to the Ten Tribes under the apostle Peter throughout Parthia and into Armenia and Scythia and across to Bactria and India. The locations stretch to Britain and Gaul and to Milan and throughout Italy and to extensive locations. Before the church was established under the Arabian prophet in Arabia it had been established in China from India in the Fourth century under bishop Meuses of Abyssinia (see the Fate of the Twelve Apostles (No. 122B); General Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches (No. 122) and Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170)).

 The Jews had been destroyed by the end of the Forty years for repentance allowed for under the Sign of Jonah in 70 CE. Over the First century CE the NT was written with Revelation being written at the very beginning of the Second century CE. The OT Scriptures by that time had been spread all over the world and the NT letters and Gospels were spread with them.

 The Jews were scattered by the Romans and they were unrepentant. They corrupted their faith even further and by 358 CE they had adopted the Babylonian Intercalations and corrupted the Temple Calendar completely and issued a false calendar under Rabbi Hillel II.

 The Jews had been scattered all over Arabia and the Yemen but they had become a ruling force in both areas. Their calendar had become identifiable with the Paganised Arabs and the Ishmaelite Arabicised Arab sub tribe of the Bani Khinana of the Qureysh were responsible for the issue of the Calendar there based on the Babylonian Intercalations. Becca and, later from 699 CE Mecca was the city of idolaters and of idols. The nearby Al-Madinah was not as steeped in idolatry as was Becca/Petra, and later Mecca but most of the areas of the neighbouring Arabs were indeed idolatrous. The prophet’s father was himself almost offered as a sacrifice to the god Hubal at the Ka’aba in Becca (which was located adjacent to Petra until it was moved to Mecca in 699 CE). However he was saved by 100 camels being offered in his stead. The prophet was himself brought there as a child.

 The Mission to Arabia

As is sometimes the practice, God decided to deal with the area by raising one of their own and converting them to the faith to deal with their idolatry as they had refused to stamp out these idolatrous practices of child sacrifice and prostitution that were steeped in the worship of the area.

 Qasim ibn Abdullah was an illiterate young man who impressed a prosperous family and married an older woman. He was called and taught to read. He was named at one stage Abu Qasim which appears to indicate he had become a Monophysite priest. He certainly had no son named Qasim. He was however baptised as a member of the Church of God as the doctrines expounded in the Koran are exact doctrines taken from Scripture as were taught and expounded by the Churches of God over the two thousand years since Christ and the Apostles.

 In this text we will deal with each Surah and list the doctrines on which the Koran is based. It will be seen that the Koran is an exact explanation of the Unitarian structure of the Bible and we will explain each text and how it is developed and what it means.

 The Koran is not just an explanation of Scripture; it is prophecy against the idolaters of Mecca and the Arab peoples that have misused and misled the Sons of Keturah and the Sons of Ishmael and those further afield that have been lied to about Scripture being lost as though the God of the Bible and the Koran is some doddering incompetent that can’t keep control of His own instruction manual.

 Very soon Messiah will return as foretold by Scripture and the Koran. The prophet Qasim, like all of the leaders of the Muhammads or councils of the Churches of God all over the world, will be resurrected along with the Great Multitude and we will deal with these false teachers of the Hadith and the Shia and the Trinitarians, Binitarians and Ditheists and these corrupt people who pervert the laws of God and the faith and testimony of the Messiah (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).


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